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459 Williamston Drive
Winterville, NC 28590

Convenient Home Recording Studio & Audio Mastering

Recording-Studio-North-CarolinaPay significantly less to use our exceptional home recording studio and audio mastering services. At Glenn Johnson Studio LLC in Winterville, North Carolina, you only pay us $30 per hour or $300 for an entire day. Other companies’ rates are upwards of $50 per hour. But don’t fret! Just because we have low prices, doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality.

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Glenn Johnson Studio, LLC, Winterville. NC 28590-9416

Glenn Johnson Studio LLC

Vocalist Contract (Glenn Johnson Studio)

Now Available, Glenn Johnson Music – An Independent Record Label.

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Glenn Johnson Music, LLC – Artist Performance Contract

More Artist and Music Coming Soon Independent website: Glenn Johnson Music

Vocal Recording

When you schedule to use our studio for the full day, we begin at nine in the morning. To ensure your satisfaction, we don’t stop or close up shop until you are finished.  Producers available,  Mark Burrus, Diontae Columbus, and Herman (AICH) Williams, Kelvin Daniels – Direct Number 252-347-1042 for Beats and Instrumentals.

Kyle Brone – Independant Engineer ( 252-916-4732 )

Vernon Garrison ( Garrison Melody ) – Artist, Song Writer, Producer ( Beats and Instrumentals )

Casey Manning ( Beats and Instrumentals )

Afterwards, we go through your music and make edits to guarantee high quality. Once the editing process is complete, we do slight audio mastering. In a few days, you will receive your CD from our own manufacturing facility.

Other Recording Options

We recommend using mixing services from Retro City Studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Daniel Faber at Zac Recording in Atlanta, Georgia at While they may have steeper prices than us, both studios can fully edit your recordings, making them ready for shelves.

We also recommend for CD Mastering and Distribution of your Final CD Project.